Saturday, June 4, 2011

You can't hide from "it"......

We all have it.  You know what I'm talking about.  We try to hide it.  We make excuses for it. We even lie to our friends and family about it.  Once it catches someone's eye, we will hurl ourselves in front of the onlookers gaze and frantically point in the opposite direction..."LOOK!  Did you see that?" Guiding them by the arm we search the area for anything that could be a distraction

"It" is "the room".  You know.  The room that was once the guest room, the spare room, the craft room or the office.  Yet now, it is known as the catch all room.  It has become the Smithsonian of our after thoughts. Treasures that we feel will allow us to hang onto the past and future projects that we never got around to lurk behind the door of the room.  I spent the day starting to carve away at our once seemingly unconquerable pile of things to be filed that we tossed in the "office".  As I sat and sorted and tossed and shredded, I began to realize how much peace I was beginning to feel.  The anxiety that would start to bubble at the base of my throat when I would pass the office door seemed to subside.  I felt a sense of accomplishment and as if I was gaining a foothold on our personal business matters.  In other words, I was feeling more in control and less at the mercy of the anxiety.

This caused me to reflect about how clients feel when they are able to declutter that "issue" that is causing anxiety in their lives.  What a sense of peace must come over them when they are able to realize that the issue isn't impossible, but rather it is solveable.  Cleaning the room out will not happen in a day, but it won't take a lifetime either.  With a structured goal and a time frame, the office will be transformed into a peaceful sancutary.  The same can be said for an identified issue.  A treatment plan with realistic goals and a time frame can bring much sought after peace to a client.

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