Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love Letters from the Cupboard

We all love to have our secret space.  That special nook that no one else can invade.  Today while I’m toiling around in the kitchen and baking muffins, I see my son slip past me with a flash light, notepad and pen.  He proceeds to open the bottom of our food cupboard and slowly back in and close the door with himself inside.  For those of you that have raised boys before know that there are many times you just have to roll your eyes and say, “yes...that’s a little odd”, and go on with your day.  This just happened to be one of those moments.

I have to admit that as time passed and I lost myself in my chores, I actually forgot he was in there!  Then I heard a small knock from the cupboard that caught my attention.  I look over and out from the crack of the cupboard door I see a folded piece of paper waving to get my attention.  I reach down to take it and the door quickly closes.  On this piece of paper was a simple, but heart felt message from the resident in my cupboard.  It was a love letter.  A love letter that simply said, “I love mom”.  
Ah.  What a sweet little message to brighten my day.  Do any of us ever get tired of receiving love letters?  No, I don’t think so.  Even if you don’t have a tike in the cupboard to pass you these heartfelt notes, there is someone that has written a love letter just for you to read every single day.
God has written to us love letters to last every day for the rest of our life.  His word is full of His love for us.  All we have to do is read them.  Once you begin to read them, you can’t help but feel His love. So, open your Bible.  Read your love letters from God.  Everyone of us has the gift of a love letter from the cupboard.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chicken Scratch

After tossing the leftovers in the yard for the chickens to devour, I hung around for no particular reason other than to watch them scratch and scurry to feed themselves.  And then the life lesson started.  One hen in particular never once looked at the ground.  She kept chasing another chicken around the yard to take the food that it had.  When that chicken wouldn’t relinquish its find to the greedy hen, the hen went on to the next chicken trying to take its morsel of food.  All the while the hen never noticing that she was stepping all over the exact same food that she desperately desired to take from the other chickens.  If only she would have looked down.
What a scenario for our every day lives!  How often to do we run around chasing what others have?  That beautiful morsel that they hold in their beak seems so desirable to us at the time that we just have to have it.  We leap over obstacles and dart around corners and clumsily squawk our way towards the prize we covet.  Little do we know that we too are stepping all over what has been laid at our feet especially for us.  
“Better one handful with tranquility that two handfuls with toil and
chasing after the wind.” ~Ecclesiastes 4:6