Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Allergy,Asthma,Autism, ADHD Epidemic-You Can Heal It!

I just do not think I can talk about this issue enough!  I cannot be the only professional or parent out there that has noticed a drastic increase in the number of children with the 4A-Autism, ADHD, Allergies and Asthma.  I speak from a experience with a child that once had severe allergies and asthma.  Notice that I said "once" had?  I decided to take our son's health into our own hands and revamped his diet in a way that others thought were ridiculous.  Well, ridiculous or not, we are now reintroducing foods that he was once deathly allergic to back into his diet and he has never once had an asthma attack.

No, I am not a physician, and I do not claim to be.  I do not claim that these methods will absolutely positively work for every child.  I am simply saying that as a professional that has seen a dramatic increase in autism and ADHD/ODD children, it is worth delving deeper into this subject.

I ran across this book that I recommend all parents with children that suffer from either Autism, ADHD, allergies or asthma read.  In fact, I recommend it to ALL parents, period.  I posted the link to the book below.  It is one of the most interesting reads that I have come across.


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